Inside My First In Real Life Meetup with My Friends Since 2019 .

UG .. SO. FUN.. and SO needed.

These are my college friends ( plus one more we added to the group in 2013.) In the past few years we've spread a part to different places ... Cincinnati, Portland Oregon, San Diego, Cape Cod MA, New Hampshire, Boston.. and even Munich Germany!

During 2020 we zoomed ( remember when we did that a lot ) and have always had two group chats going... one for text and one for IG DM, but this weekend we were together for the first time since our trip to Munich Germany ( pictured below.)

We mostly just picked up right where we left off and had a great time talking, laughing, swimming... and not posting much on social media. My one tip for friends that matter is- always put effort in and never take your friends for granted. A text or a handwritten note goes a long way to keep the friendships alive. Your inner circle is extremely valuable so the more effort you put in the stronger it gets (most of the time.)

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