The Trick I Use to Get My Friends to Dance At Weddings

Love to dance but your friends or significant other doesn't? Her are my tips and tricks. Everyone WANTS to feel included, everyone WANTS to dance, everyone on WANTS to have a good time. All it takes is a little effort to recognize that people might just need a little help over coming whatever it is that's holding them back. Once they get over that hump and realize that its an inclusive environment they usually end up staying and next thing you know, they are dancing in the center of the circle.

  • Meet them where they are. If they are on the edge of the circle- dance on the edge with them.
  • Engage in conversation to make them feel more comfortable.
  • Don't pay attention to how they are dancing- i know that sounds weird but let them decide how to dance to the beat of the drum , nd it wont feel like you're judging them.

If that doesn't work. Don't push it.

  • Make sure you are having the best night and that nothing is holding you back. Once someone recognizes that- they might want to join in too.

Check out the pictures and video below from some of our wedding adventures from this weekend. PS two of the people in this group typically don't dance at all, and they were all over it once we loosed them up a bit.

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