We're Officially Open and Here's How I Really Feel

It's official... mask off.

I'll be honest i have anxiety about returning to 2019 work/ life version of me ( 2019 travel version of me I'm cool with.) I've gotten so use to cutting things OUT of my life, that I'm trying to decide how to bring it all back in- and if i really want to do that.

I learned that even though I love filling my social calendar, the 2020 version of me actually enjoyed doing things on my own time. I put extra effort in to stay connected with friends most of 2020 via zoom happy hours, so I am trying to be cognizant of staying connected with those same friends that live far away.

I hope your job, or at least your perspective on your job has put you in a good position to re-enter the work force in a way where you can achieve expectations while still managing your own personal needs.

I AM ready to get back to get back to summer time travel and vacations by the beach.