Valentine's Day in a Long Distance Relationship

Valentine's Day fell on a Sunday this year, which meant BRUNCH.
My significant other and I have been distance for two years and have found that we feel most successful, when we celebrate the times we are together. To us, only a few holidays are really nostalgic and Valentines Day isn't one of them. To be honest, Sam's visit wasn't planned around V Day (although it was nice) so when i asked what he wanted to do, to which he replied "just be together" I knew he meant "celebrate us like we always do."

If you end up being distance during V Day ( or any other holiday) try to remember to celebrate big the next time you see your person. I fee like we get so caught up in the "norm" that we forget sometimes the "norm" isn't an option for us. We get to create our own rules in our relationship, especially when we're writing the long distance relationship story.


  • Have your next trip to see each other planned- you have to have something to look forward too.
  • Give each other grace in times of frustration- open communication is key
  • Have your "thing" - ours is celebrating whenever we see each other

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