People Left The Big City During Covid; Here's Where They Went.

Thought about leaving the city for a bigger backyard? You're not alone! The idea of working form anywhere has sparked a movement of people... moving! By October 2020 more than 8.39 Million people had reporting living at a different address than at the start of the year. According to a study U- Haul conducted of moving trucks booked for one way trips, they found that people flocked from big cities like New York and California to... Idaho!

Idaho topped the list alongside, North Carolina, New Mexico, Tennessee, Maine and Alabama. They found that people moved out of New Jersey, West Virginia as well as NY and California. The list of reasons why people left varies from safety, taxes, school districts and space.

The picture above is when i moved out my first apartment with my girlfriends in Boston, we lived together in that space for four years!