Looking Back at My Favorite Safe 2020 Adventures!

This year i really turned to my own back yard for escape and entertainment. I teamed up with Mini and took the #TiffTakeOver on adventures that were Covid Safe to places that would have sat "on my list" for who knows how long.

  1. Allie (my BFFE) and I visited Santa socially distant Santa .
  2. My first MINI test drive( also my first with an SUV!)
  3. Allie and I took a trip to Baker Bird Winery and explored the area while sipping wine in the early fall. A fall drive with great colors is so refreshing!
  4. I spent a LOT of time walking around my neighborhood and exploring my own backyard on foot rather than Uber.
  5. we all connected virtually at some point this year. I had the opportunity to interview Benny Blanco while test driving a car. Check the interview here!
  6. A weekend getaway to a bed and breakfast! Always something I wanted to do! It was a short drive with a relaxing outdoor vibe that was Covid friendly because we were the only ones around.

All the descriptions and locations are posted in the Instagram link below, if you want more details feel free to DM me!