The Tiff Break Down 8/21/19



Thanks for tuning into the TBD, a place to discover whats at the top of your feed if you don't have time to scroll. Today's episode has a special appearance from Sam ( my boyfriend of 5 years) who is usually pretty tech savvy. We'll breakdown Facebooks new privacy settings and chat why Spider Man is trending... i am OG Spider Man fan but the new ones are goods too.

If at any point during this in heard you thinking "this girl sounds like she is still figuring it out" well i am.. this is one of my first few episodes.

talk tomorrow!



Hey it’s ya girl Tiff! I'm pretty easy to talk to and I love to make new friends. A New England native, you can hear me on Kiss 107.1 adding local flare to the Brook & Jubal Morning Show, reporting the latest news or looping you in on need to... Read more


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