The days will get longer, but we lose an hour of sleep and that sucks! Florida is trying to eliminate Daylight Saving Time all together. Do we do it for the farmers? Is to conserve energy? Why exactly do we participate in DLS? 

Well if you have ever wondered ....... 

1784 - The idea of daylight saving is first conceived by Benjamin Franklin.

1914-1918 - Britain goes on DLS during World War I.

March 19, 1918 - The Standard Time Act establishes time zones and daylight saving. Daylight saving is repealed in 1919, but continues to be recognized in certain areas of the United States.

1945-1966 - There is no federal law regarding Daylight Saving Time.

1966 - The Uniform Time Act of 1966 establishes the system of uniform Daylight Saving Time throughout the United States. The dates are the last Sunday in April to the last Sunday in October. States can exempt themselves from participation.

1974-1975 - Congress extends DLS in order to save energy during the energy crisis.

1986-2006 - Daylight Saving Time begins on the first Sunday in April and ends on the last Sunday in October.

August 8, 2005 - President George W. Bush signs the Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law. Part of the act will extend Daylight Saving Time starting in 2007, from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.

Daylight Saving Time is one of those weird quirks of the Western world -- most countries outside Europe and North America don't take part. Everyone, for the most part, is pretty excited to fall back in October and bemoans losing an hour of sleep in March.

The root question behind a full-time switch to Daylight Saving Time like Florida wants is would you rather have a darker morning and brighter evening than you do today? Are we, collectively, morning people or evening people? What would happen to Arizona and Hawaii, which don't currently recognize Daylight Saving Time?

There have been studies on whether it actually saves much energy, the effect it has on your health, and statewide commissions on whether to change it.

and of course we all might feel like this... 

Steven Lewis


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