nacho fries

Taco Bell is finally serving fries.

Yesterday, our home for 4th meal added $1 nacho fries to the menu. Instead of taking the classic fast-food route, Taco Bell tops its fries with a spicy seasoning and serves them with a side of nacho cheese.

You can also go "supreme" fries for $2.49 or the larger serving of "Bell Grande" fries for $3.49, served with even more toppings: beef, pico de gallo, nacho cheese,and other add ons like sour cream. Isn't supreme just another word for sour cream?  

Have you tried these yet? 

Are they a game changer? 

The most important question, when are they bringing back the black jack taco? 

And clearly the Transformers well has run dry for Josh Duhamel. 

Steven Lewis


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