WOW!! Ohio River could see highest level since '97

ohio river

 Let's call it what it is....Not Good News..                                                                                     

A river forecast released by the National Weather Service Thursday afternoon says that the Ohio River will crest 4 to 5 feet higher than originally projected before receding.

The river will reach 59 feet by Monday morning, the forecast says, and continue to rise.

The river has not reached this level since the 1997 flood, when the river crested at 64.7 feet.                                                                                     

When the river reaches 59 feet, the following impacts are felt in Greater Cincinnati, the NWS says:  

"Much of Route 52 is flooded from Cincinnati to New Richmond. Significant flooding occurs in California, Ohio, with several roads, Coney Island, and Riverbend Music Theater mostly underwater. Backwater flooding affects many roads in Anderson Township. Several low roads in the East End are also flooded. Portions of Route 8 in northern Kentucky become flooded, as well as portions of Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana. Basement flooding of low lying homes and businesses is widespread."

If it reaches 60 feet, the following is expected:   

"Significant road flooding occurs in Newport, Kentucky. Much of southern Ohio Township in Clermont County floods, including about half of New Richmond. Flooding continues to worsen on Route 52. Backwater flooding worsens along the Little Miami and Licking Rivers, with some main level of homes flooded in the East End sections of Cincinnati."

Check out the arerial video that TV 5 posted of Newton earlier.....


And this one from Ludlow....


Luckily the rain is slowing a bit, but WOW! I only like that much water if it is clean and I am on a beach!

Steven Lewis


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