She might be white, but she is not hot. Perfect example of how what comes out of your mouth can make you ugly. She decided to start bothering some women that were hanging out in her, "neighborhood." 

The black women waiting for AAA said they could smell the alcohol on the breath of Susan Westwood, the slurring, unsteady white woman who had approached them in a dark parking lot in Charlotte. But Westwood had no trouble conveying a racially-tinged message straight out of the Jim Crow era.

She is white, she told the two black women, and a resident of the apartment complex in one of the city’s most exclusive neighborhoods where they happened to be standing. She makes $125,000 a year and pays hefty rent, and her children attend Myers Park High School.

According to Officer Keith Trietley, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department spokesman, Westwood has been charged with two counts of communicating threats and two counts of simple assault.

The police report is scant but notes Leisa Garris does, in fact, live at the apartment complex in question.

The drunken outburst also cost Westwood her job at the local cable company that paid her $125,0000 and allowed her to live in the exclusive community.

Steven Lewis


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