Make no mistake, I hate the Steelers. That being said, Burfict’s blatant forearm to the helmet of Steelers receiver Antonio Brown passes the walks/talks/quacks/craps-like-a-duck test, especially in light of Burfict’s history. He wanted to throw a forearm into the helmet of Brown, and Burfict did.

At a time when the league is determined to keep the focus on the game, the question of whether Burfict should be suspended for an extended stretch or kicked out of the league for good would take the focus away from the current Papa John’s-style “better offenses, better game, NFL” obsession.

But it’s becoming harder to ignore the situation, given that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger claims that, after the blow to Brown’s head, Burfict pointed to receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and declared, “You’re next!”

The NFL has yet to respond to an inquiry from PFT as to whether they’ll investigate the situation and punish Burfict. They should. Ultimately, they should kick Burfict out of the league.

He has had ample opportunities to comply with the expectations of those who run the sport. He consistently has failed.

Vontez has had his share of dirty plays....


Regardless of what the leagues does, the Bengals need to make a decision. Is Vontez and asset or liability. There is a fine line between them. 

Steven Lewis


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