Back in April, Oreo announced which of the hundreds of thousands of fan flavor submissions had made it to the finale of their #MyOreoCreation contest: the top three were Kettle Corn, PiƱa Colada Thins, and Cherry Cola. The person behind the winning submission would receive $500,000 as a grand prize.

after a LOT of people voted on their favorite of the three, the official fan favorite has been confirmed. It is - drum roll, PLS - CHERRY COLA! "We were thrilled to see how many fans tasted all three delicious flavors and voted for their favorite to help us choose our grand prize winner," Oreo told Delish, after exclusively confirming the winner.

That means Eden F., the The One Who Submitted The Winning Flavor, is about $500,000 richer today. Eden is T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D about this, natch, and also told Delish Cherry Cola wasn't even her first submission ("I think my first entry was actually orange soda!"), but that it was the most meaningful for her.

I think that the Kettle Corn were better. What did you think?

That said, this Oreo (if it is still on shelves near you) won't be for sale much longer. "Only time will tell!" if Cherry Cola Oreos will be back permanently, Oreo says. In case you ever wondered how they are made....

Steven Lewis


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