A lot of us grow up and forget about childhood. We leave things behind and forget to pick them back up. Care free innocence get's replaced by responsibility and the grind. This is really portrayed well by Christopher Robin. 

Christopher Robin grows up has a family and has forgotten who he is. His family is becoming distant from him. He doesn't like his job or boss. He isn't happy. Winnie the Pooh comes calling and after twenty plus years, Christopher comes back to the 100 Acre Wood. 

Against his responsible self, he goes on an adventure with Pooh to find Tigger, Piglet, and the rest. Along the way he finds himself and realizes what his family means to him. 

It looks beautiful. I, for whatever reason, felt like Pooh represented my recently passed dog. I had a lot of feels. It starts a little slow, but it has heart and was a good watch. 

Winnie The Pooh Receives A Star On Hollywood Walk of Fame
Steven Lewis


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