2014 Sarasota Film Festival - Day 9 - Red Carpet For Spotlight Film: Road to Paloma

He made a decent impression in Justice League. Despite that films flaws, Aquaman is what people were talking about the most.....


Imagine if you were a 14 year old boy in a man's bod, but with super powers and that is Shazam!


It wasn't all super heroes. We got our first look at Godzilla: King Of Monsters


The Walking Dead panel was cool and we got confirmation that Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. We also got a pretty good look at the upcoming season....


Not everything was good. DC Universe is a new streaming service that will allow you to watch new DC super hero content for 8.00 a month. One of the shows people were looking forward to is Titans. The live action version of the comic/cartoon. It did not impress with its first look.

Glass Movie Poster

If you saw Split, you probably know that it was tied to Unbreakable. Now we got the first look at the new sequel, Glass 


There was a lot more on the tv and video game side, but these were the biggest!

Steven Lewis


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