Big dinosaurs are back on the big screen! It sound like an exciting concept. Jurassic World make tons of money and the sequel is expected to do the same. My take on this, the magic seems to have faded from this franchise a bit. Keep in mind, there were already two sequels to the original Jurassic Park. Jurassic World, in a lot of ways, was a carbon copy of the original. It just happened to hit at the right time. This weekend we get the follow up.

 The park has been shut down. There is an ongoing movement to save the dinosaurs. A volcano has become active and will erupt destroying there island home. A team is assembled to collect the 11 species and transplant them to a new home. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is recruited and asks Owen (Chris Pratt) to join. He reluctantly agrees and the two set off to save the newly created species. Things go wrong and must find a way to save not only the dinosaurs, but themselves as well.

  The cast is ok, but it feels like it is all being done for a pay check. Justice Smith and Daniella Pineda join the team as tech support and a dino doctor, respectively. The franchise seems to be out of gas. We get a animal rights story for animals that don't exist. We get a bad plot to weaponize dinosaurs for money. We get cloning. We get jokes that don't land and two hours of time that we won't get back.

It feels like a bad Syfy Channel movie with a better budget. They probably could've hired Ian Zeiring for much less than Pratt.

The dinosaurs are the stars. They still look incredible and damn near real. The plot is predictable and the whole thing just felt unnecessary. It is a lot of rehashing with a few new dinosaurs thrown in. I think this franchise just needs to become extinct. There will probably be an inevitable third chapter, but there is only so far you can go. It already borders on silly. The next phase is probably Sharknado-esque.  The one good thing, at least Chris Pratt has another Gaurdian's Of The Galaxy on the horizon.

Steven Lewis


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