Deadpool 2 is exactly what I expected it to be. That is a good and bad thing. There is a lot to like, but there is also a lot that you shake your head at. I am going into mild spoiler territory so read at your own risk,. The best way I can some up DP2 is making The Hangover 2 comparison. It was fun and OK, but just not as good as the original.

  When we find Deadpool he is working with Dopinder, going place to place, and killing bad guys. He is still with Vanessa. He is still the merc with a mouth. He is as Deadpool as can be. One of his hits goes terribly wrong and he finds himself in a bad place. So bad that he sort of joins the X-Men. On his first mission he encounters a mutant kid who is more than emotionally disturbed. Although he is only a kid now, he attracts the attention of the time travelling mutant, Cable. This leads to Wade protecting the kid from Cable, who wants to kill him now to prevent a horrible future.

  The story is a mixed bag. It offers some great moments, but it also has it's fair share of moments that just make you shake your head. Comic book geeks like me were excited to see what they did with X-Force. We were getting Shatterstar and that was supposed to be great! We get a taste of Wade interviewing candidates in the trailer and it all looked hilarious. It was, but here come the spoilers. The trailer, unfortunately, gives us the only real glimpse of X-Force. The team does NOTHING! Outside of  Domino, who we will cover in a few, they are just there for comic relief.  They had so much potential to do more, but it is all cut short. They fix this in post credit scenes, but it still does not play well at all! Sorry Rob Liefeld. These characters were wasted.

  The one member of the team that does shine is Domino. Zazzie Beets is fantastic! She is smokin hot, a bad ass, and holds her own comically. She steals every scene that she is in. Fanboys don't like her altered look, but it plays very well. She is a great character and is without a doubt, one of the best parts of the movie.

Cable was also one of the things we were looking forward to seeing. Josh Brolin is good, but he will draw the Thanos performance which is better. No denying that. It is funny. Hugh Jackman embodied the character of Wolverine, but was physically much taller than the comic version. Brolin is the opposite. He is GREAT as the character, but is much shorter. He looks fantastic and kicks a lot of ass. His back story is altered a bit, but it works for what they are doing here. He is a highlight for sure, but I would have like to see his origin touched on a little more.

   Vanessa plays an important role in the story, but we don't get enough of her. I will not short change Ryan Reynolds either. He was born to play Wade Wilson. I love what he does, but the dick jokes and 12 year old boy humor doesn't play as well this time around. The comic references will be too much for the common movie goer. Sure, fanboys will get them all. The screening that I was full of people who didn't understand the references that were dropped. Bigger budget doesn't mean better movie. There are a couple of cool cameos, but all in all DP2 is just O.K. The post credit scenes are fun and some of the best in the film. The action sequences are good. The CGI is alright, but it just fails to capture the magic of the first one. 

 All of these characters are up in the air with the possible Disney merger. It is tough to plot out their long term futures. I for one, hope Comcast buys Fox. I don't want to see this universe Disney-fied.

I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fox has certainly done a great job of screwing up the mutant universe, but I don't want Disney controlling everything.

Anyway. Deadpool 2 is good. It's not great. It will not make as much financially as the first one did. It probably would have done better if it came out before Infinity War. Go see it, but think of it as Hangover 2 and lower your expectations.

Steven Lewis


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