It began 10 years ago when Robert Downey Jr. proclaimed to the world, "The truth is, I am Iron Man." He was correct and the Marvel Cinematic Universe born.  Comic Books and super heroes are American Mythology. It was a long journey to see the likes of Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and Spider-Man on the big screen. Putting them all on the same screen was thought to be impossible, but Marvel has done that.  It is a film series that has not only earned billions, but has told a story that has built for ten years.  The Infinity War is upon us. Let's get caught up quickly. If you haven't seen the entire span of movies, that's OK. I would advise you to check out The Avengers, Captain America : Civil War, Thor: Ragnarock, and Guardians of The Galaxy. Those will cover the basics.

 The Infinity War is all about the Infinity Stones which are wielded with The Infinity Gauntlet. What are the stones? I am glad you asked.  After the big bang theory happened, the six  stones were created.  If one could wield them together, they could destroy the universe.  We have been seeing the stones for sometime. In case you missed them:1. The Mind Stone is the yellow stone that is embedded in Visions head. It was the stone that was in Loki's scepter that we saw in the first Avengers. It's power is, among other things, controlling people's minds.2. The Space Stone. It was the blue stone that was in the Tesseract. The cube that we Loki was using in the Avengers. It can teleport things through space.3. The Reality Stone. It was the red, "ether," from Thor the Dark World and it has the power to yo pretty much decimate people and things.4. The Power Stone is the purple stone from Guardians of the Galaxy. It has the power to destroy and entire planet.5.  The Time stone is green. It was in the care of Dr. Strange and can be used to move forward and backward in time.6. The Soul Stone. The stone is the only one that we have not seen. It allows it's wielder to take peoples souls and their powers.

 Infinity War is the culmination of the story that began with the first Avengers.  It is everything you want it to be and more. There are a few heroes missing, but I will not mention names for the sake of spoilers. There is a lot going on and it can be overwhelming at times. It takes some focus to keep up. The Russo Brothers do an amazing job of balancing the screen time. Each group has their own story arc and all are of equal importance.  The effects are top notch and two hours and forty minutes paces well.

  Infinity War is a great movie. There were some things that I wanted to see and they didn't happen. There were also things that I didn't see coming and loved! Story arcs are wrapped up and lives are lost. Some of which hold a lot of weight. It establishes the severity of the situation immediately. Thanos is every bit a bad ass and so are his inner circle. The movie has it's predictable moments, but it also zigs when you think it might zag.  It is an incredible roller coaster ride that will suck the air out of you and make you wishing you could go see the 4th installment tomorrow. There will be a 4th and it is not titled on purpose as to not spoil this one. In short, another win for Marvel.

Steven Lewis


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