Baseball in Cincinnati is something special. Sure, other cities partake. It is just a whole different experience here in the 'Nati! If you have ever made it down to the Banks, you know what I mean. Good food, good beer, and good people celebrating the history of this baseball town. 

  Make no mistake, the last few years have been rough. If you go back to 2012 and 2013, it felt like we were close. Heartbreak has set in. Players have come and gone. A few of whom we still love and miss. A new season is upon us. A team of young hopefuls gets ready to take the field and Cincinnati is ready to party! Here's a quick look at this year's squad... 


Look for @kiss107 in the FIndlay Market Parade on Monday, but today let's celebrate. Roll down to the banks, grab a cold beer, and welcome baseball back to Cincinnati baby!!!

Steven Lewis


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