Cincy Spotlight Featuring Jeff Osterfeld of Penn Station

Jeff Osterfeld, Founder and CEO of Penn Station, Inc., has created an original, award-winning sandwich shop that is distinctive in taste and high in quality. With determination, a business degree from the Miami University Farmer School of Business, and a dedicated vision, Jeff began his journey by opening a deli shop straight out of college, and then parlaying this initial success with the initial Penn Station opening in 1985. Just three short years later, he sold his first Penn Station franchise in 1988. The corporate operations of Penn Station are directly tied to Jeff’s personality and leadership, which unsurprisingly has resulted in a detail-oriented, profitable operation. Specifically, Jeff has a macro-vision for the future and success of the company, not only for the upcoming year but also 5-10 plus years down the road. Jeff knows the importance of surrounding himself with detail-oriented, determined, intelligent, hard-working people who also value the importance of family and teamwork. Consequently, he maintains close relationships with team members in Penn Station, Inc. as well as valued vendor partners. Jeff frequently sets a tone for the company and its leadership by making well-informed decisions that protect the business and its franchisees from spending unnecessary costs. It is this devotion and discipline that sets Penn Station apart from the competition.