Another 💎 Found in Ohio! Prairie Oaks Metro Park ☀️

Prairie Oaks Metro Park! I stumbled upon this park through Ohio Find It Here and I already can’t wait to plan my next outing!

I know I say it all the time, but I am constantly amazed with all Ohio has to offer and this park exceeded my expectations and beyond.

The kayaks in the picture are from Ohio Metro Park and you can reserve them and rent them for free! (you are also welcome to bring your own) Aside from the various beautiful lakes and creeks there are a couple hiking trails, fishing 🎣, a picnic area, there’s even a designated doggy swim area… Say less!

*For info on the free Kayak / Paddle Board rental check out

Water looking so refreshing!
Just seconds after we saw a snake! Mommy and Juicy on their bridge!
We found a little waterfall
Juicy unsure of the water but curious 🧐
Sunday with a view 🌊
Simply gorgeous.

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