What is 'Be Present Ohio'? Here's how It Can Help YOU!

Quick chat about mental health! I am honored to have partnered up with 'Be Present Ohio' to share some my story about how mental health has affected and shaped my life. The biggest goal is to 'normalize' that it's OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY, in fact, it's very human <3

I think now, more then ever so many of us are dealing with anxiety and depression, and lets be honest COVID is not helping any of or mental states. What I love about 'Be Present Ohio', is that they are here to help get us back on track on the days (or weeks) that we are feeling down and helpless! They are have resources for you like yoga for sleeping, how to be mindful, journaling prompts, a 24 hour text line etc. and TONS of practices for helping loved ones that are struggling!

Being born and raised in Ohio, it is so important for Ohioans to know they are not along. Yes, we have been through a lot, but together we can overcome anything. It starts with simply being kind to one another -- or checking in a friend.

A major shoutout to Be Present Ohio, a non-profit organization whose sole mission is to help Ohioan's and give them tools to live their best life.

From someone who is a high functioning anxiety ridden person to anyone struggling with major depression etc., Ohio Be Present cares and is here for YOU!