Adventures with Sol [Lynd Fruit Farm & Pablo's Havana Café]

Anddd the adventures continue!

I don't think the rush will ever fade from discovering and exploring new local places in my new city!

Obligatory fall things= CHECK!

Lynd Fruit Farm is the most recent local farmers markets that I have checked off my bucket list. PERFECT for whatever fall adventure you are craving ranging from pumpkin picking, apple picking, local seasonal produce items, a corn maze and even apple cannons!


Peep the pics below!

Next on the adventure list-- FOOD *insert heart eyes*

LOVE supporting local restaurants! We got lucky, our visit to Pablo's Havana Café correlated with Hispanic Restaurant Week- so we got to try some specialty menu items and also get a great deal. Best part is -- we got to support local Hispanic businesses while also indulging in some authentic food. As a Latina in the Midwest-- it's so important to support restaurants like this!


Looking to plan your own fall adventure? Ohio,org has you covered! Whatever your vibe is #OhioFindItHere has the activity to match it!

Peep for thousands of ideas to support local and have fun doing it!

Next on my bucket list-- Ohio's Foodie Road Trip -- Check out the video below! (sorry in advance if your hungry)