Adventures with Sol [Hendren's Farm Market & Nocterra Brewing Co.]

Still having so much fun exploring my new city here in the 614! This weekend we took a lil trip to the historic district in Powell. We visited Nocterra Brewing Co., which came highly recommended from many friends!

LOVED the vibe at Nocterra. First off, they have the most safety pro-cautions I've seen for any store, bar or restaurant yet in 2020. It was pretty impressive how organized they were with that. I love the picnic tables outside. You can bring your own food or drink too if you like. They had a BBQ food truck called Ray's Ray's which was hella good and also had a ton of vegetarian options. (I had the Jerk Chicken sandwich and scratch mac n' cheese). OH and big fact-- I do NOT like beer so, of course had to try the amazing Key Lime Coconut Seltzer. ALMOST forgot to mention- they are beyond dog friendly. So, Juicy got to benefit from the adventure and experience her first brewery.

Of course, I could not let Sunday Funday slip out of my hands with out a trip to my fave AKA Hendren Farm Market. I went to Hendren's a while back to do some sunflower picking and fell in love with the place. They have local produce and are constantly switching up what they offer. if you had not guessed it, it's officially PUMPKIN SZN!! Call me basic but one of my fave things about Fall is the of course I had to stock up. OH, and I also am obsessed with the local honey in found in their market! #savethebee's