Ellen DeGeneres's Apology Statement Made Me Ugly Cry

The Ellen DeGeneres show is back for it's 18th season!

But there was an elephant in the room all we could not ignore: the accusations that were made against Ellen and her toxic workplace environment on the set of the show!

She opened up her 18th season with a 7min statement and apology.

LET ME JUST SAY- her statement had me FULL on crying-- like tissues covering my nose- ugly cry.

I am a FIRM believer that we are only human. Ellen has spent her career dedicating her craft to making people laugh and feel good. Call me a sucker, but I genuinely felt her apology. I think before we go hating people for their shortcomings, we should take a look at how clean our own hands are.

Check out Ellen's statement/ Apology below!

*grab your tissues*