Miley Cyrus Posts Hilarious Throwback Of Her & Selena Gomez


Seriously leave it to the internet. Listen to this backstory. Have you seen the latest insanity taking over the inter-webs? Everyone is talking about storming Area 51. You know the military area that has been linked to TONS of conspiracy theories regarding aliens. Well, someone even started an event on Facebook call, "Storm Area 51, They's Can't Stop All Of Us." It current has over 1.5 million response from people who are planning on attending.

Nonetheless our girl Miley Cyrus has joined in on the fun! She took to Twitter to post some hilarious alien themed photos. One of them was a throwback on her and Selena Gomez! It was the two of them dressed as aliens when they were filming an episode of Hannah Montana. The photo will seriously make your DAY.

So, if you participate in any of this Area 51 shenanigans let it be laughing along with Miley's alien pictures. Seems more logical, don't ya think? 😂


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