Michelle Obama Offers Valuable Relationship Advice We Can All Learn From


Michelle Obama has been married for over 26-years now! Her and Barack of course have 2 kids, they got through a presidency of the United States, so when Michelle says anything, I listen!

She most recently spoke out on the topic of marriage. I think anyone who is currently married or if you're searching for the right partner can benefit from this advice. Michelle said,

"Marriage is a choice you make everyday...it's important to marry somebody that you respect...it's important to marry somebody who is equal, and to marry and be with somebody who want you to win as much as you want them to win."


Her words got me thinking. People have always told me that someone need to dim their sparkle when in a successful marriage. But, that's not true! Look at Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. Joe put out a documentary, a new album, reunited with his brothers. Sophie promoted the end of Game of Thrones and a new movie she's the star in. They are BOTH thriving and make it work.

So, basically moving forward whenever we receive a press release about a celeb couple being "too busy with their schedules to make it work. Or even us, when we are dating and the guys are "too busy." It's just no longer an excuse. Thanks Michelle Obama for this advice!


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