Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pics: Turtle Races and Tequila

I started my weekend off strong by going to Glow Nail Salon and getting the cutest nails I've ever had. I needed to perk myself up after a week of texting my ex for literally no reason at all.

They didn't post my nails but I attached their IG in case you wanna make an appointment, because she is great!

Then I took the bus for the FIRST TIME. To be honest I was a little scared because where I'm from the bus is very dangerous and not a place for a single woman. But this was actually easy and kinda fun. I took this selfie to send to fred and rufio to prove I took the bus!

I took the bus to a bar that was holding turtle races and I just NEEDED to go. I ended up getting decently buzzed and somehow hosted part of the turtle race on the mic. I do love mics.

what's a nice weekend without a pool day?? nothing.

FINALLY the end of the recap needs to be this drunken pic of me and Jason. We did a few tequila shots to get this high quality pic...

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