New Instagram Law will Jail Influencers for Secretly Editing Appearance

You can be fined or even face jail time for editing your photos on IG now in Norway. It looks to be only directed towards ads that have edited bodies which to me- YES PLZ. I mean if you're selling people fit tea and claiming your body looks amazing because of that product while also editing your stomach out.... you deserve to be in jail. Absolutely. But who am I? Just a radio host with an eating disorder who strongly opposes any weight loss ads with editing.

This new law requires people who post ads that have been "retouched" to CLEARLY state that they have retouched. This even includes face tuning your skin to get rid of blemishes. To be fair I retouch my photos with Lightroom and throw filters on them, I get rid of my blemishes as well. But I'm always honest about that, I'm not claiming from acne cream cured me of any blemishes while retouching my photo. SCREW THAT. That should absolutely not be allowed.

Full article is here

Anyway- I'm pretty passionate. What do you think? hmu.

XOXO Kristie

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