Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pictures: Cooking tips included!

My weekend was a very easy one after my STL girls trip that went too wild last weekend. So Friday I just had some wine and ordered a pizza (Roberts Pizza Co) with a large salad so I could feel better about eating the entire pizza by myself. I watched a movie and chilled.

BUT the next day PRIME KRISTIE came out because I love to cook. I made an AMAZING quiche for my friends who came over.


4 eggs

3/4 cups of milk (mix those two together)

A package of bacon

Half an onion

A container of spinach

Pie crust

BAM! super easy. Also if you're cutting an onion and do not want your mascara to run down your face use my little trick: put a wet paper towel on the cutting board. The acid will go towards the paper towel and not your eyes! No tears. Just diced onions. See below

My girls Cori and Brooke came over and loved the quiche. They had two slices because they know I'd get super offended if they didn't get more.

Sorry for the blur. Then we went to the pool and I got a small tan while reading a Russian history book.

Afterwards I went on a date with a guy, it was a second date. We got burritos and went to the park but I do not have a picture of that. I mean how do I take a picture of a date? Seems awkward. The next day I went on a date with a different guy (another second date) and I took a pic of my cute ass outfit..

The only terrible thing I did this weekend was mix up those two guys. I called the first guy the seconds guy name and instantly got called out. So I'm taking that as a reason that I should stop dating both of them. I mean, I could use a dating pause anyway. It is exhausting asking the same damn questions to everyone and trying to remember their backstories. Sooo if you see me eating dinner alone it's because I'm now on a pause.