Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pics: Finally moving in edition!!!

So I've lived in my apartment for about a month now? Maybe a month and a half? But I honestly do not know how to hang things on walls without making 100,000 holes in the wall or just destroying it altogether. Plus I wasn't sure what to put where and I was getting out of a relationship so I just procrastinated SO HARDCORE on putting things up.

I finally this weekend was able to buy a big ass mirror, some plants, and hang some things. See below some pictures of my apartment coming together! Also a pic of me with a hammer that I actually didn't use because I GUESS WE NEEDED POWER TOOLS!


I think it's only fair to announce that I didn't do ANY of the hanging.... my friend Brooke did everything. Also if you want to know where I got anything just DM me on IG!

Brooke hanging

The weather was ~finally~ amazing so my friend Erika invited me to a picnic with her and her friends. There was a cute dog. Video below.

placeholder image

FINALLY Sunday after forcing my friend Brooke to hang everything I bought we both took some books and went to the riverfront to read. We were there for like an hour until the geese tried to eat our charcuterie board ( $4 makeshift board from Marianos)