Worst Dating App Bio Mistakes Men Make

I HATE dating apps but here I am again, single at 28 and thinking of hopping back on them. One thing I have learned in my ~way too many~ years of dating is that not every bio is a winner. My biggest red flags are fish pictures, pictures with their ex, and any bio that says "I hate drama" seems weird to lay out....

Here are some of the biggest red flags according to women..


“The phrase 'Let me guess,' and then they proceed to name a bunch of stuff that's supposedly on my profile. Dude, just read all of what I actually wrote on mine and you won’t need to guess."

"I hate 'I’m overly competitive about EVERYTHING.' To me, that just screams, 'I’m insecure!'"

Putting down women in their profile, like, "If you don't look like your pics, first drink is on you."

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