Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pics: Sisters Wedding Weekend!

So the weekend started early for me because I took Friday off to get ready for my SISTERS WEDDING. Ah. She's a year older than me and has three kids and now a gorgeous husband who loves her so much. I have a cat.

Okay- life isn't a comparison. But it is and I am for sure losing to my sister. So before I booked my flight I made a Tiktok that I thought was funny so I posted that below.

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Funny? Maybe. But definitely true. When I landed I got to my hotel and requested a pull out bed because anytime I'm in town it is a sleepover with my nieces. These beautiful ladies and I love having our girls nights when I am in town and this one was special because their mom was getting married the next day. So I got them these cute little robes...

Of course as their long distance aunt anytime I am in town I like to teach them things and this time I taught them how to make a prank phone their mom the night before her wedding. Not the best decision.

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The next morning (wedding day) only one niece was in the mood for pictures because we stayed up too late and they were tired all day. I failed as a aunt apparently lol BUT LOOK HOW CUTE...

My heart ❤️ Anyway so I called it my twins wedding because I have two sisters and this one looks exactly like me. People say we look exactly alike but she is the hotter version of me for sure. She's one year and two weeks older than me, this is her!

(for reference my younger sister is blonde and super nice, we look alike too but not nearly as much as my dark hair twin Jessica)

So to summarize real quick: Great backyard wedding at the parents farm, kids can prank call now, my sister hated me for a solid hour because I kept them up.