Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pics: Covid Vaccine Edition

This one is late because I've been sick in bed for day recovering from the second vaccine. All of my friends are fully vaccinated and I was the last one so I kinda expected the same reaction- absolutely not. Of course I had a terrible reaction and had sweats + chills + body aches + a constant fever that wouldn't drop.

Yeah- not so lucky. I'm finally feeling better enough to write out my blog.

Alright so Friday I did another girls night, SURPRISE. People say I do a lot of girls nights but honestly life is easier when you have two best friends you can hangout with. I had them over to my place for cocktails and indoor swimming (my apartment has a pool indoors but its a sh**y pool for laps).

The cocktail I made doesn't have a name but it taste AMAZING and they both loved it, it's

-one shot fresh lemon juice

-two shots of gin

-one shot simple syrup

-crushed blueberries

-top the glass off with la criox lemon soda


Not the prettiest pic? Well I KINDA forgot to take pics for my blog so I hope you like videos...

placeholder image

The next morning I woke to a text inviting me to my first EVER cubs game! It's an old friend from the soup kitchen I used to volunteer at in St. Louis so I was excited to meet up. Again- another video sorry!

placeholder image

I ended up buying my first cubs hat! Then I went to Old Crow (Shoutout✨) to have a drink with my two besties. My coworker called my friend Brooke "Fun size" on air so we joked that that was her new nickname. She is 5"1 so I guess she's used to that nicknames.

placeholder image

LAST ONE! I got drunk and ended up walking home late at night to a beautiful view of downtown Chicago ❤️ something about the city at night just makes me feel so happy (see drunk tweet below)

placeholder image

Since I forgot to take photos I had to throw this IG pic in because I need to make something a cover photo lol