Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pics: Girls Night You Should Try!

So very recently my friends and I followed this FB page for things to do in Chicago called Secret Chicago.

They posted about this cool girls night ticket on sale. It's at hubbard inn it's called "The Secret Garden Pop Up At Blue Violet."

They had floral cocktails, happy hour, and it''s ALL WOMEN. I wish I took pictures because the place is adorable AF so here are some ig posts from other people that shows what it looks like..

The only photo we took was this one... which isn't even a great photo.

The video though is fun because we all ordered the same drink and somehow they all looked and tasted completely different.

girls night
placeholder image

We had a few drinks, nothing crazy. But I ended up being awake until 3 am for some reason just talking to my friends. Here is me the next day taking a nap


I also posted this ~not really~ thirst trap on IG. I mean I'm completely covered but the picture is a bit embarrassing ha

If I die somehow, can someone hack my phone and erase all of my unposted selfie attempts? I'm embarrassed.

I changed and ended up getting food later. Nothing too exciting. But my fit was pretty good.