Kristie's Weekend in 5 Pictures

So my weekend was a little different this weekend because I took a trip to STL!

I very recently started eating meat again (might stop, I don't know yet... very new) so my boyfriend, Golf Guy, took me to a small diner and bought me my first burger in two years. It was surprisingly good, I'm a little surprised that I liked it and I didn't throw up.

This is not to say that everyone should stop being a vegetarian but I'm happy where I currently am in life.

Burgers with the boy

Burgers with the boy

oh! And every time I drive to STL I snag a coffee.

MY COFFEE TRICK: Iced Americano with a splash of oat milk, 2 shots of peppermint and 2 shots of mocha

Tastes like an iced peppermint mocha but with WAY LESS calories.

So before the burger news I just got to Golf Guys and hungout with my dog Roger.

Yes- he's adorable. He's 9 months and he falls asleep in your hands which just melts my heart.

I'm not entirely sure where to get my nails done in Chicago yet, last time I went to a place they came off in two days so I was a little nervous. I got them done in STL and I went with my favorite color- YELLOW.

Also yes my nails are short but I am clumsy and I break them easily.

FINALLY we get to the booze.

My favorite drink: A gin martini extra dirty (with Hendrix gin)

Mostly because I love olives

Then I finally get back to Chicago and I was emptying out my trunk when I found this....

I believe it's a cherry on a stick from some sort of cocktail. Yes, I am disgusted. No, I am not surprised.