7 new dating terms inspired by COVID-19

Is there anything more romantic than COVID-19?

Yes. Literally anything.

But it did bring about 7 new dating terms according to Babble.

"Corona-zoned" is when someone does not want to pursue a relationship because they have a fear of covid and do not want to meet up.

"Lockblocking" refers to canceling plans due to lockdowns or time restrictions

"Quarantine bae" is the person you are with during covid and only during covid because you are lonely and want someone in your life

"Quarantinship" is the relationship that forms virtually during lockdown

"Smugsolation" is when a couple is flaunting their relationship virtually during this pandemic

"FODO" Is not at all like FOMO its the fear of dating again because its been almost a year since you've been on a date and you're out of practice

"On-nomi" is actually Japanese for drinking alone and its being used to describe drinking online virtually with your friends.