Kristie's Buys of the Week

Alright! I shop a lot. It's time to just admit that and be honest with myself.

Sometimes I order from sketchy websites but that's what happens when you get dopamine triggers from that sale sign. Since I shop all the time I figured I would share my top 3 favorite purchases from this week.

To be honest I did a ton of fall shopping and throwing together outfits on pinterest... but one thing I knew I ~needed~ was a solid pair of chunky gold hoops that could stand out while wearing thick sweaters. Luckily I found these from ASOS. If you wanna buy a pair for less than $10 just click here


Also while fall shopping I loved the idea of a plaid skirt with a knitted sweater and knee boots. I have a few plaid skirts already so I wanted one that would stand out a bit more and I found this skirt from ASOS ~ I swear I am not sponsored by ASOS just in love~

If you wanna snag it just click here


Of course I am not fashion obsessed. I'm also conscious of the environment so I always try to find easy small ways to help like using reusable bags while buying produce. They can be used for anything of course but its amazing for produce and you can just throw them into the washer when they need to get clean.

On amazon so free shipping and super cheap just click here to buy them for less than $10