Kristie's Playlist: New Songs You Should Out!

This honestly would be the WORST blog series ever if I didn't put one of Taylor Swifts new songs on here right?! like it's just almost mandatory at this point... If you're a swiftie already and already memorized her songs word for word at one am last night just keep scrolling till you hit the next song but this one is my FAVORITE from the new album.

It's really all about the lyrics for me here.

Next up! So many good songs to introduce yourself to here but this one has been on REPEAT in my office for the past week so needed to share like Charlie Puths new one that dropped a few weeks ago called Girlfriend.

YES CHARLIE, sign me up plz.

Now this one has all the summer vibe wrapped up with my "Must Dance To" warning because it's so catchy! This is the first song I've heard from him but so far I love it!

*image from getty images