Khloe Kardashian NEEDS TO STOP using photoshop

Khloe Kardashian needs to stop using photoshop for others and for herself.

When a celebrity photoshop themselves they are telling people that they don't think they are enough as they are. That how they look is not enough for us to love and accept them, which is entirely inaccurate. We love Khloe for her harsh realism and ability to speak her mind even against her own sisters. Khloe was my hope of breaking the Kardashians unrealistic ~false~ beauty expectations. Instead of overcoming the harsh standards her sisters have set for people, she has succumbed to the pressure like many others have. She photoshopped herself so much that hundreds of people had to comment, "who is this?" She is posting photos that even she wont recognize as herself in 30 years.

She is perpetuating the belief that beauty is skin deep by posting these highly edited photos. It's terribly sad to think Khloe feels the need to edit herself so harshly towards what others deems beautiful. Think of her impressionable audience? The millions of followers who skipped lunch today because they saw her "new" slim face and now want to achieve the same. They don't realize she didn't slim her face by not eating but instead by a cursor moving crudely through photoshop.

I do not say this to attack Khloe. If she TRULY does not realize the impact she has and is posting for "herself" as so many celebrities claim then she is a victim of beauty standards like most of us. The ability to speak out on photoshop and not fall victim takes a lot of bravery that not everyone possesses.

I used to edit my photos as well, making my eyes just a bit bigger and my legs a bit smoother. But at the same time I was starving myself to become more beautiful like the women I saw on magazines. I struggled with my ED for four years and it only ended because my doctor told my mother I was dying. It's all very vivid to me, my mother crying on the stool and my doctor begging me to realize I was killing myself. Every 62 minutes someone dies as a direct result of an eating disorder and I had the audacity to believe my harm was only affecting myself when in reality every edited post affects everyone who follows you. I had a small following at the time that I was glorifying my eating disorder but Khloe has MILLIONS of people seeing her every post and fantasizing about the body she photoshopped to have.

Now I'm not claiming Khloe has an eating disorder, I would NEVER project my own problems onto her. I'm simply begging her and others to recognize the affect they have the following they gained. When I first spoke about my disorder on air I got hundreds of messages from women saying how I helped them in one way or another. Using your voice to uplift others (women and men) instead of using it to show a false perfection feels amazing. I hope celebrities will be like Jameela Jamil and speak out against the dangers of photoshop. I hope that Khloe Kardashian loves herself and shows others that you can love yourself without photoshop.

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