Top 3 "Kristie Approved" first date ideas!

Since I'm the serial dater of the station I'm always asked one thing, "Whats the best place for a first date?"

READY? here are the top three


Think about it. it's quick. If you need to get out of there because he ended up looking surprisingly similar to your ex and you're having a lowkey panic just chug a coldbrew and RUN.


Yeah, still on this. THINK ABOUT IT. It's cheap! Five dollars isn't a massive commitment to someone and if you wanna spill it on him after he says you look fatter in person you can! It's only $5!


Bet you didn't expect this! Basically, any date besides a coffee date will fail. When the man shows up and turns out to be a massive fuccboi you will still have a glorious cup of coffee to enjoy. So it's a win for you.

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