MY Biggest Dating Mistakes...Don't try these at home

Being single in Cincinnati is not exactly my easiest challenge so far. I've been through enough dates by now to share with you my biggest mistakes... here we go!

1. Dating people because they are seriously hot.

I recommend making a list of qualities you want and do NOT settle for less than what you really want. Even if he is super attractive and smells amazing. You'll end up on a date with a guy named Chad who wears lulu headbands (real story from my love life). Chad didn't work out. Too many headbands and 2 am texts. But in my defense he looked like Zac Efron and how do you say no to that?!?! Eventually I did. 


2. Thinking he must have lost his phone in the ocean because why else isn't he texting me

If a guy wants to text you, he will text you. It's simple but people always look past this one. If a guy doesn't text you it's not because he is busy or maybe lost his phone in the ocean (in cincy!?). It's probably because he doesn't wanna talk to you. Men make time for people they want to talk to. A guy named Drake would barely text me. I made all the excuses in the world for him but eventually sucked it up and said "this guy doesn't wanna talk to me." Drake was 23 and fresh outta college but with abs I would kill for this was a tough one. 


3. Don't try to be something you aren't

I tried to be a drinker. Like going out every weekend. Why? Well the guy I was talking to did! So to keep up with him and his friends I became a drinker. My liver now hates me and my ex fling. His name was Jake. Jake drank bourbon so I here I was trying to chug bourbon to keep up with him. After an uber surge charge of vom in the backseat I realize this probably isn't my future. (sorry mom)

Me to my liver....


4. Trying to change the "I'm not really looking for a relationship," guy

This one was the first lesson I learned. Jeremy was recently single too. Not ready to date. I thought I was the same but it turns out I love rainbows, unicorns, and relationships. If a guy ever says this BELIEVE HIM. Or else you'll be drunk in NYC calling him at 5 am saying you miss him. He will ghost you and you'll eventually be happy he did. Good news? He is your bad pancake. The first pancake out of the batter is never the best one so waste all your mistakes on this guy and then the next pancake will be perfect! 


I've made plenty more mistakes but maybe I'll post those in another blog. For now I have some GREAT news I do love news everyday at 4:40 on my show! Little bits of advice to get you through life in a happy healthy relationship. Until then listen to Taylor Swift and just keep going... 



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