The BEST Women I Have Met In My Career

This was hard. I have been very blessed in my career and have been able to meet some amazingly talented women. Often times the media likes to point out the negative stories because it gets more web clicks (which is definitely a thing trust me) and some of these women have struggled with bad press due to sour writers. So here are my stories with some women you might recognize... 


WOW. <---- she's that positive. When Sabrina enters a room she does so in the most happy upbeat ready to rock this thing kinda way! My job had me interview her one time and it was like when you grab coffee with a friend and just chat it up. She was open, honest, and very VERY sweet. The kind of women who wants to build you up and make you leave her presence feeling like you can take on the world. Our first encounter was when she did a private show in the KISS lounge - obviously she killed it- and she hung back afterwards to chit chat about life. She complimented me. Said I remind her of her sister. I felt GREAT. She left.

A YEAR LATER she comes into town to do a show for us and as soon as she sees me she says, "Kristie get over here and hug me."  WHAT. She remembered my name? Rare. Another interview happened and it was like catching up with an old best friend. If you are around Sabrina and not must be heartless. It's impossible to not feel happy around this girl. She's a big supporter of women and I'm a big supporter of her. 

*also I call people broad a lot which I get is weird and I'm working on it, k? 


...also she tried to teach me to do pouty lips.


Selena Gomez

This is a prime example of someone who became famous and actually deserves it. I remember I was a big fan back in 2014 and I got to meet her backstage. I was a little nervous. Sweaty even -sorry guys I know that's not what you wanna hear- but when I made it backstage I saw her and was just in awe. There was this little girl infront of me in line and she was super sweet and kept telling me, "I luv selena..I wanna hug her so bad" Her lisp was adorable. One of those kids who makes you wanna have kids yourself, ya know?? Anyway... I know big celebrities like this usually do quick meet and greets backstage. You get back there, snap a pic, then security pushes you away quickly. So I was nervous for this little girl who had her hopes up. When it came time to meet Selena the girl was shy and kinda hung back. I was thinking, "girl you gotta go up there you only get like 10 seconds..eeek." Then Selena came to the girl, bent down, and had a full blown convo with her. She worked to get this little girl comfortable then she picked her up in the biggest hug I've ever seen and the kid was smiling and laughing. It was so pure and so sweet. I fell in full on girl crush mode. Selena Gomez was nicer than I could ever expect to be in my entire life. Then she met me, "Hi I'm Selena, whats your name?" Etc. Second time I got to meet her she complimented my bangs and we laughed. I don't know if that matters to you but it matters to me. I'm naturally very self-conscious and getting a compliment from Selena Freakin Gomez is a big deal, k? The way she treats her fans backstage (I'm sure other places too) was a complete surprise and honestly she deserves everything good in life. I'll never say a bad word about this girl after that interaction. She treated that little girl like someone picking up their daughter. I tell everyone, "You should look up to Selena Gomez for a strong female example, she's successful and gives her fans the family treatment." 

PS she sent me a signed photo of us later. Which I freaked out about because....who wouldn't?? 



I get a lot of questions about Lights. My friends ask me, "How did you become friends with Lights?"

Short answer? I'm not. It just kinda looks like I am because when I run into her she acts like we are reuniting lol (can you put 'lol' in a blog???) 

Lights came to the studio like a year ago to meet people and talk about a new single -which is amazing- and we both knew my friend Alyssa was a huge fan. Lights ASKED ME if she could snapchat Alyssa from my phone because she knew Alyssa would love it. Who does that?? Who thinks that much about their fans?? We talked for awhile...she's very easy to talk to. I didn't know much of her besides from my friend Alyssa but went she left I was a fan. We ran into each other backstage at the iHeart Radio Music Festival and she immediately gave me a huge hug and said, "omg Kristie we gotta snap Alyssa again, she's gonna be so mad she didn't come to this!" WHAT. She remember me + Alyssa + the snapchat incident. So we took some snaps, our friend Josh took some pictures, and now people think we are friends. Because Lights treats me like a friend. I'm almost tearing up writing all these because these inspirational women have really been so sweet to me. You know those friends that you don't see for awhile but when you get together it's like no time has passed??? That's Lights. When you are with her be prepared to laugh a lot and have those crazy youthful fun times you'll wanna talk about in your older years. She's truly a vibrant women who is doing remarkable things. You could say...she has a certain light about her.... too much? okay. 

If you're a fan of lights...there is a very strong chance she actually knows your name and loves you very deeply. She treats her fanbase like gold. She's golden. My hands cramping I gotta move on the next lovely lady.


Camila Cabello

This one is different. I never actually MET her. It was my first ever interview in radio. I was young, dumb, and very nervous. She was in a girl band back then -one you might know- but my interview was with HER. I pronounced her name wrong. OMG dead. I was so nervous. I was 20 and had no idea what I was doing. She laughed. But not at me. No! She laughed with me...a relaxing laugh almost. She calmed me down and made a couple jokes to loosen the vibes. She even started to freestyle rap for me and by the end of the interview I felt AMAZING. Like I had killed it. But really it was all her. She felt my nerves and helped me through everything. Almost like a mother helping me take my first steps. Is that embarrassing? Maybe. I was an nobody speaking with a somebody who treated me like gold. I'm sharing this story because so many people in this situation would have been annoyed with me, maybe even stopped the interview. Not Camila. She held my hand and helped me through one of the scariest moments of my career. Obviously she didn't really hold my hand but you get the point. She kinda blew up afterwards which is amazing because she deserves it. I will only say nice things about this woman. Because she deserves only nice words. 

I didn't meet her so I have no photo....just a tweet I did one time? 


I'm not comparing women by posting this. I'm simply putting my positive stories out there. It's international women's day today and I felt like celebrating these women who have been a positive light in my career. I've met plenty of unbelievable women but these select few stand out as people who I have had a personal positive experience with. 

Why didn't I post about ALL the women I've met? Because that's a lot of writing and my hand is already cramping up. Also I might not have really interacted with them. An insta pic isn't real life. 

What about men? It's international women's day so lets just stick with this one for now. 

Bad grammar comments, etc? DO NOT CARE. I'm typing this early in the wee morning and I am not a professional blogger. I'm a 25 year old who drinks iced lattes and spits out inspirational quotes whenever I can :) 

If you are a fan of any of these women, I applaud you on your taste. These people are remarkable in every aspect of life and I will support these women until my career dies. 

SIDE NOTE: Watch who you follow. In real life and on social media. If they are not adding a positive light to your life why do you let them in? If you follow someone on instagram that make you feel less about yourself...unfollow them. 

Okay I'm done. I promise. 

Happy International Womens Day




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