Things Only Naturally Awkward People Understand

1. When someone tries to hug you you have no idea how to react or what to do with your body


2. Eating bananas in public is your biggest nightmare


3. You have a talent of looking horrible in every tagged photo ever


4. You end up way drunker than your friends because you figured the booze would bring you out of your shell


5. When someone compliments you you have a mental breakdown trying to figure out what to say back


6. When you meet someone you instantly forget their names and know that this is going to hurt you socially one day


7. When someone can’t find you at a party they immediately go to the food table or bar


8. LEAVE A VOICEMAIL? No thanks Satan


9. You practice conversations in your car 


10. Small talk? What? No please don’t.


11. When you flirt you look like a drowning fish



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