Things You Should NEVER Say To A Single Lady

1. How are you still single

Um how do I answer this? Because I’m anti-social and very good at sabotaging relationships. Come at me Helen.


2. Have you tried online dating?

Tinder is a hot mess but yes I am still on it because I’m desperate


3.What do you do with all your time?

Just sit around thinking of responses to these damn questions


4. You’ll find someone someday


5. You’re too picky

One time I went on a date with a guy who said “lol” instead of laughing. You’re right. I’ll just marry that guy.

6. You have to love yourself before you love anyone else


7. There are plenty of fish in the sea

I don’t want a fish. I want a man, Linda.

8. You should let me set you up! I know the perfect person for you


For those a little behind in the class now, the only thing you should say to a single girl pushing 30 is.....

You dont need anyone.

Also for my benefit please throw in "You're gorgeous with an amazing and hilarious radio show" BAM! 



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