Transgender Boy Wins Girls' State Wrestling Title For Second Time!


Here I am scrollin' through Facebook when I read this....

Transgender Boy Wins Girls' State Wrestling Title For Second Time

For those who might have read this headline wrong: Transgender boy means he was born a woman and is transitioning into a male.


Which means he should be playing in the male league because HELLO HE IS A MALE!!!! He is taking steroids to become a male, he should not be playing against women. Plus--- how crappy would you feel playing with women when you know you're not a woman. DAMN. 

Turns out he has asked MANY times to play in the male league but he gets denied because the law states that you must play based on the gender on your birth certificate. The birth certificate rule was approved in 2016 by the University Interscholastic League.


So because he got denied he is forced to play against women even though he is taking steroids. He loves wrestling. He is a male. 

Honestly, I'm no expert on transgender rights. I can't understand the struggles. BUT I can say that if someone wants to be a male and wants to play against others males....why would anyone stop him??




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