(WARNING: ROMANCE)Cincinnati Was Once Where Young Lover Eloped!

I just stumbled on this and had to share it... I guess Cincinnati was a HUGE place for young couples trying to get married. Kind of adorable and worth sharing... heres the excerpt..

From Tumblr

While English law in the 1700s prohibited marriage without parental consent until both parties were 21, the Scots allowed boys aged 14 and girls aged 12 to marry without permission. Additionally, Scottish law validated any marriage made before any witnesses – so almost anyone could officiate at a wedding ceremony. In Gretna Green, the officiant was often one of the village blacksmiths, who had the couple plight their troth while holding hands over his anvil. These “anvil priests” of Gretna Green blessed thousands of matrimonial unions until the laws changed in 1940.

But what has that to do with Cincinnati? Well, Gretna Green was so famous and so imbued with the aura of romance (it is still a popular honeymoon destination) that any city offering easy marital terms became known as a “Gretna Green.” And so it was in Cincinnati, where liberal laws and proximity to stricter states like Indiana, West Virginia and especially Kentucky meant that lots of young lovers rushed to Cincinnati to avoid dealing with Mom and Dad. 

So lets break this down...

Young couples who couldn't get parents permission would leave KY and surrounding areas to come to cincy and get married! Kind of adorable...also kind of not because I bet a lot of them got divorced. 

Maybe it's my newly single vision clouding the romance here. 



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