LISTEN: Woman Calls In To Complain About Me...Gets Angry Hangs Up

Sometimes I get nasty phone calls...this happens with the job. 

BUT THIS PHONE CALL was weird, rude, and very interesting all in one lol 

I had to share with you guys because I'm still trying to understand it. 

ALRIGHT LETS BREAK THIS DOWN CAUSE...that was strange right??

I am not the newspaper. I am a radio show host who talks about her opinion. Am I allowed to call a man sleezy? YES I AM.

Do I have to be nice to people who attack me? NOPE. But I was because I am just generally a nice person who is willing to discuss things.

“You guys are doing PR for Taylor Swift.”


Sure, incidentally I might be. Not because she pays me to do so ~I wish~ but because when I read about a woman being harassed I get upset.

“I kinda find that you’re getting very defensive and argumentative about something that I brought up.”

…was I defensive? Probably. I have a soft spot for women who are harassed. I have empathy for victims.

“Do you have any expertise in any of these issues..?”

…I did go to journalism school. I do have a degree. I did study media law as well. I have been backstage at many shows. BUT I would never call myself an expert that seems a bit much.

“I will be hanging up now because I don’t appreciate your attitude.”

My attitude?? I AM A PEACH. I never called her by any name or spoke loudly. She was doing well too. It was almost like we were having a conversation about a disagreement but when I started to voice my opinion after I allowed her to voice hers…she gave up.

I listened to what she had to say. She didn’t want to listen to what I had to say.

I cannot call a man being accused of harassment “sleezy” but she can say that Taylor Swift is a liar?

I would LOVE others opinions on this conversation because like I said...I'm open to listening to it. Was I wrong?? Was she wrong?? I'm confused. 

Below is what she was referring to...(me talking about the incident on air)



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