Top 9 Things Women Do That Men Hate!

I stumbled on this list from The Richest about the top  things we women do that men hate ...and I had to share how ridiculous this was lol

9. Dirty Hair: I honestly couldn't tell you when I last washed my hair...


8. Long Pointy Nails: Okay I don't do this one because I fall and break things a lot and just really dont wanna add the extra danger of sharp things lol 


7. Fake Lips:  I haven't gotten lip injections BUT I TOTALLY WOULD CAUSE THEY ARE HOT. Also I wouldn't lie about it like some people 

*Cough Kylie


6. Fake Eyelashes: I wear false lashes ALL DAY. I use these lashes that are fibers so they fill in your natural lashes... see?


5. Red Lipstick: waaat?! I LOVE red lipstick. Men will never say "oh her lips were too red so I didn't take her home" lol 


4. Big Hands: Oh? Guys don't like big hands...they should probably look at their own then lol 


3. Unkept Hands And feet: Ryan has NEVER noticed a pedicure during our entire relationship...


2. Too Much Makeup: Only women noticed makeup. Ryan one time asked "whats that stick you use on your eye?"


1. Lack Of Individuality: This one is real...have you ever walked into a starbucks during the fall??



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