7 Times Selena Gomez Fetish Video Made Me Say "WTF?"

“I love the video because it shows the very dirty, gross, and weird love you can have towards someone. This is how obsessive some people get and how they release. I'm obsessed with these weird ASMR videos. I think about how our bodies react to sounds and movement," Petra added.


I get it. It's about LOVE and not some weird fetish... 

Love makes everyone crazy...so here are the 7 craziest moments of her video...

(why 7? Why not.)

1. I had to do this as a kid when I used a curse word -thanks mom- it's honestly not SO bad 


2. Maybe the soap didn't taste so good?


3. Well since the soap didn't go well...why not try the lipstick?

Selena Fetish_01

4. When your "easy to follow" pinterest recipe fails...


5. WAIT! What is this?! How did she get ahold of something else? It's like watching a teething toddler.

6. What looks like an exorcism might actually just be a skilled dance move...or an exorcism

selena _03

7. Alright so I already did this one but WTF?!


..time to be as honest as possible about it...


Best music video this year.



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